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Elaborate 2

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The Elaborate phase provides opportunities to expand students' conceptual knowledge in novel situations through inquiry.



Elaborate also:

  • Involves the students in designing and carrying out investigations that derive from the previous phases
  • Involves students sharing, comparing and discussing these investigations/experiences leading to a cycle of potential further investigation
  • The teacher introducing additional learning opportunities as well as providing access to support materials including text, audio and video as well as simulations




Ringing The Straw



Something Fishy

You Need

  • A Straw
  • 2 Paper Strips approx. 20cm X 2cm
  • Sticky Tape


The Task

  1. Take each paper strip and form them
    into a ring
  2. Using a small piece of sticky tape,
    attach each paper ring to each end
    of the straw as illustrated

  3. Holding the centre of the straw gently
    throw the glider



You Need

  • A Paper Strip approx. 20cm X 2cm


The Task

  1. Take the paper strip and make a small
    cut towards each end

  2. Carefully fold the paper strip into a
    fish shape as shown

  3. Hold the fish helicopter at head height
    and let it drop


  • Now that you have created a basic model what questions/queries/ideas does it raise?
  • How could each model be modified to change it performance?
  • With a partner, take one of the Investigation_Planning_Proforma.pdf and develop an investigation

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