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Engage 2

Page history last edited by John Pearce 11 years, 6 months ago

The Engage phase is all about capturing the interest of students.


Engage also:

  • Introduces aspects of the scientific concepts under consideration
  • Seeks to explore what the students already know about these concepts
  • Seeks to establish links between past learning experiences


Engagement activities can be open ended and challenge pre-exisiting conceptualisation for example:


  • Press the palm of your hand flat on a table
  • Spread your fingers a little
  • Roll your middle finger under your palm so that the first two joints are flat on the table
  • While your other fingers are pressed firmly on the table try lifting each one finger independently
  • Which finger is impossible to lift?
  • Why do you think this is so?


  • Get a glass or plastic cup and a ping pong ball
  • Put the ping pong ball into the cup
  • Put your lips against the edge of the cup
  • With a firm breath blow across the top of the glass
  • What did you notice happen?
  • Why do you think this happened?


  Engagement can take other forms eg via movies or other multi-media content.



You can also probe the student's understandings for example:





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