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The Elaborate phase provides opportunities to expand students' conceptual knowledge in novel situations through inquiry.


Elaborate also:

  • Involves the students in designing and carrying out investigations that derive from the previous phases
  • Involves students sharing, comparing and discussing these investigations/experiences leading to a cycle of potential further investigation
  • The teacher introducing additional learning opportunities as well as providing access to support materials including text, audio and video as well as simulations


In A Spin

 You Need

The Task

  1. Cut on the two middle horizontal lines, and fold in
  2. Fold the bottom flap up
  3. Cut the vertical line at the top and fold paper in opposite directions to create two flaps
  4. For best results, attach a paper clip to the bottom
  5. Drop and watch it spin!








  • Now that you have created a basic model what questions/queries/ideas does it raise?
  • How could each model be modified to change it performance?
  • With a partner, take one of the Investigation_Planning_Proforma.pdf and develop an investigation


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